Day 80: I left the box

I recently took a trip to New York City, alone. Despite the well intentioned cries of, “It’s not safe!” from loved ones, I somehow managed to make it there and have the time of life. This might have seemed like a random tourist excursion to most, but for me it was a way of establishing […]

Day 16 : Day 33- Just an Update

An extremely long overdue post, that I have most definitely been procrastinating because of how long I expect this to take. The last 17 days have been very interesting and fairly productive. After coming back to Toronto I’ve hardly had any time to myself. We’ve had 8 interviews for the Documentary and a script writing […]

Day 4 – Blast from the past

I was asked to write a letter to what I would say to my 15 year old self. Since, today was a throughly unproductive day, I’d like to end off this day with something that should be a fun exercise in writing. Dear 15 year old me, There are so many things that I want […]

Day 3 – Take charge

I recently read a quote that went something along the lines of, “If you want to be successful you’re going to have to ask for what you deserve.” This really resonated with me since I was recently forced to reconcile with not receiving something I had been deligently working towards. This was a large disappointment […]

Day 1 – Let’s start running

After about two weeks of delay and procrastinatig, I have finally decided to deliver on my resolution. Since I’m at home sitting on my childhood bed most of the day, where I cried over boys who will never matter, cried and laughed with book characters who will always matter, and laughed because of tv show […]