Day 53 – The oats go boom

13490842_10209876609455638_4900448599646631856_oThis tuesday night, I made a resolution. A resolution to start exercising after finding that I was having difficulty walking to school without getting winded. I proceeded to make a schedule, and lay out my plan for the day in my planner. The next morning I woke up knowing EXACTLY what I needed to do, and then everything easily fell into place. I woke up 30 mins later than I was supposed to, but I managed to make up for lost time. Then I spent the next 1 hour running on a treadmill, and lifting weights and watching “The office”. My stamina is miserably low, and my main goals are to work towards increasing my endurance, and also gain a bit of strength. The plan is to exercise every other day, to give my muscles some time to rest.

Asides from the small success that is me starting to exercise, I have found the benefits of planning to be momentous. Simply thinking exactly what I was going to do when I woke up, helped me get my day started on time, rather than lounging in bed and lazing around until I gathered the strength to figure out what I needed to do. Work was much lighter than I expected it to be, so I responded to some emails for the Documentary and just hung around for a bit. I could’ve probably spent my time slightly more productively. I’m slightly behind on the planner, but hopefully this weekend I can get most of the work done for it. I’ve set myself a deadline for the middle of next week and I should be able to meet it.

Speaking of failures I managed to destroy perfectly fine oats yesterday! Apparently the correct way to make oats is to stir them every minute, but I had absolutely no idea about this. Progress is a step by step process and just like science progresses so will my cooking skills eventually. Maybe one day in the not so distant future, I will be able to not only cook oats but also bake pies and not be intimidated by the random array of ingredients in my kitchen. Maybe one day, I can take all my skills and passions and put them to good use, and not have my whole life be one large case of explosive oats.



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