Day 33: Day 47 – I suck, but not really

The last two weeks have been tumultuous to say the least, my schedule has been all over the place, with the likelihood of me having to potentially move out of my apartment in the matter of a couple of days. With an indecisive landlord, and an extremely volatile renting market, getting an apartment has been an adventure, but I can happily say that I have manage to get an apartment exactly 4 floors above mine! Now with some shelter security, I have had some time to finally get my life back on track.

My attempt at getting up at 6AM has not been going so well, and neither has my attempt to sleep on time, could there be a correlation? However, on the other hand work has picked up and I am finally enjoying myself. Work feels productive, and creative rather than a drag I have found out that I have an unheard of abhorrence to following instructions, and being told what to do, even by a man who is at least 10 years my senior, and has devoted the last 5 years of his life to this project. While, the last couple of weeks have involved me merely following instructions, and doing what he felt best, yesterday I finally got to start doing my own project (at least for the meanwhile) and the freedom was liberating. Here’s to hoping that I am skilled enough in the future to be handling my own projects.

I have joined the Skule newspaper as the Marketing Manager for the year, and I look forward to a year making the Cannon more popular than its ever been. This wouldn’t be difficult if the newspaper wasn’t popular, however currently it is rather unpopular and revering opinions requires slightly longer time and better tactics. I have been struggling to find an outlet for my goals of increasing awareness for women in STEM, and also alleviating some of the stigma around mental health illnesses on campus. Something that has been holding me back from getting too involved is the documentary. The documentary has been progressing fairly well, but post production will be in full swing over the course of the next year and it will be my main priority, and as such joining more clubs seems to be a sure fire way to take myself back where I started.

The plan was to start an online course this weekend, to come closer to my goal of doing some learning but I will have to go to my aunts house this weekend, so that might not be a possibility. Reading hasn’t been going very well either, after the magnanimity of Atlas Shrugged, it seems that no book will be able to match up. Perhaps, the visit to my aunts house will lead me to starting a book.

I’ve definitely been eating well, and taking care of myself. I’m planning to get some studying done this summer for next semester, and also to go on a camping trip. This means that I need to get in shape, this camping trip might be solo, along with a book, some music, and podcasts. And speaking of podcasts, I started listening to a few stations, and I was blown over by the sheer amount of things that I don’t know about, and never though of wondering why. And the best part is that I get to learn these random facts, during the time I would generally waste, but now instead I get to fill my head with knowledge!

The plan is to start writing regularly again, while I can put off tomorrow morning by saying  , “Oh I wrote less than 12hrs ago” I will still try to write a blog post, however small it is. While this served as an update of sorts on my goals, tomorrows post will hopefully be a bit more on my thoughts and plans for the summer. So, heres to getting back on track and getting my life in order. Also I need to start writing shorter posts, but this didn’t take too long!


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