Day 16 : Day 33- Just an Update

An extremely long overdue post, that I have most definitely been procrastinating because of how long I expect this to take. The last 17 days have been very interesting and fairly productive. After coming back to Toronto I’ve hardly had any time to myself. We’ve had 8 interviews for the Documentary and a script writing meeting as well. I’ve started work but unfortunately I’m a little behind on my other goals and tasks. I’m still just settling into Toronto life and hopefully next week will be better. I have also started sleeping at 10-11Pm and waking up around 6-7AM. This has been a positive change so far, and has lead to me being late to fewer engagements. However, the current challenge I am facing is optimizing my morning time and using it for tasks and activities that I wish to complete rather than lazily doing some work. I’ve also noticed that its been much harder to keep myself on track and motivated without writing these posts so I will be trying to write them daily rather than slacking off. Usually I address some of the thoughts I’ve been having in these posts, but the main idea of todays post was to get back on track with writing so I’m going to stop here. However, I will definitely be going back to usual trend once I’m more organized and assimilated into my work place and also life on my own again.


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