Day 13 – Saturday the 13th? 

Apparently 13 is an unlucky number for me since today is the first day since the beginning of this blog that I didn’t feel like being productive. I started the day feeling a bit sick and even though I started feeling better in the evening the feeling of lethargy had already set in. I managed to get some work in before dinner, but it was barely anything. I looked back to my goals and was inspired to apply to WISE which is something I wasn’t considering doing before. I’ve also been recently inspired to finance myself for the upcoming year. I will mull over that for a few more weeks and make a decision. I got to try out a new style today, the loose 3/4th pants with a cute crop top. To my joy, I completely slayed in that outfit and with some red lipstick that outfit will be quite fantastic. Pictures soon! After a nice dinner I spent the night watching bad tv which didn’t inspire me in the slightest. The day ended off with me calling black panther, catman. I’m not sure what that says about me, actually I do. It’s say I’m a noob. Anyways hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. 


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