Day 12 – Family first

Today was largely unproductive in the conventional sense, however I spent most of my day in the most lucrative way I could imagine.  I started off the day by watching “Sex and the City”, which was a truly terrible movie, even for someone like me who loves awful rom- coms. The whole premise of the movie irked me to start off with, the main goals of the women running around NYC was to find love, and their careers were just something that happened. Cheating husbands were easily forgiven, and so were assholes who left you at the altar. Even though the movie is all about the adventures of four 40 something with love, the movie is really all about the men, since that is what their lives revolve around. After all I would love to know how Samantha got so rich, and what DOES Carrie write about, what keeps Miranda so busy, and does Charlotte have a job or not? And I think an even bigger question would be, how do they afford all those fantastic outfits, and accessories?! Aside from that Mr. Big is just an extremely poorly written character, who doesn’t have anything but ALOT of money and class (That closet was gorgeous) to his name. I’m assuming the movie picks up from the TV show which may be why I have all these questions, but inspite of only having 120 minutes, and Carrie being the supposed centre of attention, the story still revolves around Mr. Big  and all he comes across as is just a BIG douchebag.

At the end Carrie’s dreams of having a dreamy wedding are crushed because of course SHE was wrong to pressure him into having a huge celebration, even though HE was too busy to pay any attention to the wedding details or show his apparent distaste for her ideas and compromise on a middle ground. Maybe Mr. Big is perfect in every way, he might tick all the big boxes; smart, handsome, and wealthy but he fails to tick all the important ones; kind, honest, and respectful. The movie also falls into the classic trap of, “oh but I can change him!” Darling you can’t change anybody, you can barely change who you are. Big might’ve seemed to be becoming the “ideal lover” towards the end of the movie, with all his love notes and his final email. But the fact remains that he never tried to write one for her, himself. Hell, he didn’t even try and personalize those love notes. His love seems so passive, almost as if he knows he should be trying to win her back after he acted so poorly. I could probably rant on about him for another 500 words, but I’d like to move on to the better parts of my day where the women didn’t fall head over heels in love with a classic stuck -up snob.

After getting over my irritation for Mr. Big, I got to spend the whole day with my family, without any arguments or debates! After 6 weeks of regular tirades, we all decided to take a step back and enjoy our remaining time together. The day was spent shopping with mom, and the evening was spent playing chess with dad (I lost because of my reluctance to kill). I also had the fun opportunity to teach my mum how to use youtube to further progress her new hobby of crocheting. Seeing the “aha” moment for her was truly wonderful, and helped me have a glimpse in to understanding the joy she took in educating me while I was growing up. I then proceeded to make silly jokes on her whatsapp for all of her family and friends to see, which literally had my father and I rolling on the ground in tears.

The day ended off with Pizza, and goodnight kisses and me retreating to my room. After having a great day, I decided to end it off in a more conventional way and got the templates for the planner down. It was a lot of trial and error but a lot of fun. Design teaches you the importance of working layer by layer simply by the way the software is set up, but I think this crosses over into life as well. I started the project slightly anxious at the momentous task before me, but once I broke it down it all came together beautifully.


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