Day 3 – Take charge

I recently read a quote that went something along the lines of, “If you want to be successful you’re going to have to ask for what you deserve.” This really resonated with me since I was recently forced to reconcile with not receiving something I had been deligently working towards. This was a large disappointment and since it came from a person of authority, I was clueless as to how to handle the situation. The answer finally came to me: be assertive. Assertiveness has almost somewhat of a negative connotation, and an assertive woman is often called “bitchy”. However, by taking charge of the situation and addressing the person involved in a straightforward manner, I found that my situation was drastically improved.

To provide some context, I was working with a PhD student last semester and had assumed this work would be continuing on to the summer. However, a month before the summer I was indirectly told that he was looking for other students to fill the role. I was extremely shocked, and moreover anxious. How was I supposed to find a job a month before the summer? I accepted the situation for what it was, and resigned myself to finding a new job. Upon my failure to do so till the week before summer, I decided to contact the professor in charge of the project and explain the situation to him. To my surprise this worked out! All I needed to do was take charge of my own life, rather than aceeding to the obstacles I faced.

Aside from that success, today was a productive day, the positive effects that I was hoping to achieve from this blog are already showing through. I started some serious work on the Skule Planner today, and looks like we’ll be in time to make the deadline.


Everyone argues the importance of some old fashioned handwork, and I attribute my failure to it. However, sometimes in moments of self deprecation I convince myself otherwise, I convince myself that it wasn’t a lack of work but a fault that existed within me. I’d like to challenge myself today on that very notion, and with this year prove to myself that hard work always pays off.



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