Day 2 – May your winged eyeliner be with you


So to accompany my post for today I tried looking up “funny quotes about beauty”, to my surprise some of the first quotes that showed up were quotes relating a womens beauty to a man. One of them was “no girl feels she is beautiful until a boy comes along and makes her feel like she is”, which was frustrating for evident reasons. So, thanks to the patriarchy I am now forced to be creative.

I was kept busy most of the day with family commitments, but during that wonderful family time I managed to start a book that I’ve been hoping to read for a really long time, “Atlas Shrugged”. I haven’t read a book in a really long time, and thanks to the age of the internet my attention span has dwindled significantly. While staying focused on the reading material was quite a challenge for the first chapter, I soon managed to pick up my pace. Reading and finishing this book will be an interesting practice in some self discipline alongside obviously finishing one of the most widely acclaimed books from that decade.

Upon finally getting some time to myself, I decided to finally use that Kim Kardashian game hack that I kept on reading about. I had started to get bored of the game, its been 2 weeks since I downloaded it and I was now a A-list celebrity with 3 houses all over north america. The charm of the game had started wearing off after my game boyfriend tried to marry me, and I turned him down twice, and then broke up with him by standing him up. So, today I tried to spice things up a bit by downloading the hack that gave me unlimited currency so I could rise to the top in a matter of minutes. Kind of emulating real life, money can take you to unreal heights in very little time, however without the money putting in the time and effort is the only way to the top. My attempt at hacking the game failed, since a 2015 iOS updates made it invalid, this was rather disappointing, but I decided to delete the game from my phone, and spend my time on slightly more lucrative ventures.

Finally towards the end of the day partially inspire by Kim Kardashians perfectly countered face (and lips, and boobs?!) and partially by my Pinterest wall, I decided to devote some time to perfect my cat eyeliner. It took a few tries, and a few swaps of ear buds dipped in my dads aftershave as a substitute for makeup remover but as this wonderful snap shows I think I nailed it. This was a repeat attempt after my first successful attempt to see if I had actually managed to grasp the technique and I think I can proudly say that I have. The feeling of looking so fabulous in my PJs was rather empowering. Now even if my life is falling apart at least I can be sure my on point eyeliner will convince everyone otherwise.




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