Day 1 – Let’s start running

After about two weeks of delay and procrastinatig, I have finally decided to deliver on my resolution. Since I’m at home sitting on my childhood bed most of the day, where I cried over boys who will never matter, cried and laughed with book characters who will always matter, and laughed because of tv show characters who only kind of matter, I can’t help but be sucked into nostalgia and worse lethargy.

I’ve been spending most of my day watching television, occasionally reminiscing and playing the Kim Kardashian game, which is as addictive as people say it is. However, yesterday the frustration of sitting idly got to me and I did something that I never do – I exercised! I put on my gym shorts and ran on the treadmill and cross trainer for 15 minutes each. This was all in an attempt to blow some steam; quite literally. I didn’t stop till I was profusely sweating, which thankfully didn’t take longer than 30 minutes. However, what this little exercise session of mine did (aside from reminding me how out of shape I am), it re-instilled a desire to work harder. The physical act of running somehow inspired me to use my mind rather than letting it sit idly for the remainder of the month that I am at home.

Despite all this motivation, today started off rather slow. I got out of bed at 1AM. However, I did finish my last driving lesson today. While, I don’t have an official drivers licence yet, and probably won’t for another year or so I think I can safely say that I have starting working on my #goals. So, that why I would like to start the first day of my year of improvement today, my parents always told me start the new year with a good thing, and I would like to start my journey towards self improvement on the day I can say I have finally learnt how to drive.

However, the rest of the day passed by slowly, and this got me thinking that would I ever be happy with what I had achieved, or would I always suffer from a feeling of inadequacy. I suppose only time will help me answer this question. After all perspective is an annoyingly wonderful thing.


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