Now, as an engineer, my whole effort would be futile to me if I did not set any measurable goals to measure my success with at the end of the year. I’ve spent the last two days defining these goals for myself. By the end of year I hope to

  1. Academics: While some people (myself amongst them) would argue that academics should not let me define my self worth, this is a goal that is extremely important to me. As someone who hopes to pursue a career in academia eventually, my grades do matter a lot. Also as something that I have been quite literally consistently failing at for the last 3 years, and succeeding at without trying for all the years before that, academics is something that has been a large part of who I am. Measure of success: Get on the deans list
  2.  Read more books: As an avid reader throughout high school, university brought with it its usual distractions, which meant fewer books. Again reading has been an important part of my personality, and something that I have lost. I hope to revive this and allow myself to be immersed in the books that the authors have set up. Also no journey of self improvement would be complete without a set of non fictional books. The stories of others have the power to inspire and empower more than anything else, and I want to ensure these will be a part of my journey. Measure of success: 30 books with at least 10 of those being non fiction
  3. Make an awesome documentary to commemorate Skule history: Skule is what we affectionately call UofT engineering. As the director for the documentary, a large part of my time this year and the next will be dedicated to the documentary. As someone who doesn’t come from a film background, or had any knowledge of movie making prior to this project, this is going to be a challenging endeavour. While I have been somewhat callous in my role so far, I hope to make an entertaining and informative movie about Skule History in a year. Measure of Success: The praise, and reviews from faculty members and students, and personal standards.
  4. Learn more: I enjoy learning new things, and the sad part of university education is that you are mostly limited to only your discipline for the next four years. I want to have knowledge on a wide variety of topics, but unfortunately because of a lack of discipline I haven’t done so. Measure of success: Finish atleast four coursera courses and take up any learning opportunities that may arise.
  5. Learn a new skill/Become better at old one: There have been skills that I have picked up over the years but have never had the time to polish and there are skills that I wish I had. Over the course of this year I will attempt to pick up some of these skills. Measure of success: Become better at Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and Ballet. Pick up Premier Pro. And any other learning opportunities that may arise.
  6. Excel at undertaken tasks and activities: Over the last year I took on several roles, in various clubs. I did my bare minimum and not much more. I expected recognition and applaud for having taken on so many roles, but the truth was that I had been painfully average. This year I aim to excel at the roles that I have chosen to fill, and give back to my community as it has consistently supported me over the last year. Measure of success: Chem Club Social Director: To be defined (have not stepped into the role yet), Writer for the Skule Newspaper: Publish at least 1 article every month, and try to expand the reach of the newspaper (to be defined further)
  7. Reach out and give back to my community: The Skule community has given me a lot  of opportunities to grow and I find it very rewarding to give back to it. Transitioning into university was a hard experience for me and I want help students avoid that. I also want to reach out students, especially girls in the society and help them learn about STEM careers, and give exposure to women who dedicated their lives to the field of science. Measure of success: Help make at least one frosh’s university experience better. Raise awareness about women in STEM. Help demolish mental health stigma.
  8. Grow as a person and as a leader: Becoming a better leader has always been a priority of mine, however over the last year I think stopped growing as one, and became somewhat stagnant in how I dealt with things. There are a few qualities that I would especially like to work on: 1) Dependability: While I’m usually very prompt in dealing with issues there have been time where I have slacked. 2) Punctuality: I’m always at least 10 minutes late to every engagement. 3) Personable: Start having more conversations with people naturally, learn how to hold conversations. Also try my best to be a better friend, and make more friends. 4) Confidence: Over the years I’ve lost my self confidence, and started second doubting myself every step of the way. Bring that confidence back, and start believing in myself again.
  9. Take care of myself: The most important thing, without good health I can’t achieve any of these things.  
  10. Get a great summer job: With potentially no summer job on my hands right now, I want to end of next year with a job that is equal parts rewarding and fun. 
  11. Write more: The whole purpose of this blog, and also consistently writing for the Skule newspaper. Try to pick up a few other writing assignments over course of the year.

I was recently critiqued for being too ambitious, and I realize this list may come off as such too. But in my opinion big changes happen together, slow changes adding up is just evolution and the way of nature. This journey won’t be easy, and I’m sure there will be problems along the way, but by setting myself accountable in this hopefully I will be able to achieve these goals.



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