A new beginning

Over the last few years I have slipped into a “just good enough” mindset. While before I would try to excel at the the various things that I was doing, lately I have been doing enough to just get by. However, with this change in mindset, my dreams and ambition have remained as large as ever, and this has lead to more disappointments than I can count.

Despite a lack of any substantial work I have miraculously managed to scrape by. However, the last four months have brought with them failure of every imaginable kind. Every single endeavour that I have undertaken in the last six months has only ended up in disappointment. After careful reflection, I realized that I did not even want some of the things that I was trying to achieve. I was mindlessly following the flock, trying desperately to fit in and find my own place in the ecosystem of university.  While, a large part of my problems come down to my lack of hard work, a smaller part of them, but a larger problem on its own is that I had somehow over the years lost my sense of self. Somewhere, along the line, I had become jaded and disillusioned and stopped working hard for the things that I believed in. Somewhere along the line, I had been content with my dreams just remaining dreams. And now after a year of failure I have decided to regain control of my life, and rediscover and redefine myself, all while consistently moving towards achieving my goals.

I realized that if I was to embark on this journey alone, I would soon lose track and get carried away in our fast moving world. But hopefully by documenting my journey on this blog daily, I will be able to inspire myself and maybe a few other people in the process.



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