I am learning the meaning of feminism, and alongside it the art of being a better human being, and it has all come to down to one thing; Respect. So often we end up looking at someone disapprovingly, considering ourselves above them and deriding their choices, and this I believe is our greatest problem. We are so caught up in our little lives, that whenever encountered with someone with a different lifestyle we immediately disregard it as inferior. And in my limited life I have found that often women tend to be the most judgmental towards their own kind. I have found myself judging a womans lifestyle far more often than a mans choices, perhaps because I relate to them more closely, maybe because I see my own struggle there, whatever it is, a woman tends to be a woman’s worst enemy.

What about the problems of female infanticide, rape, wage inequality you may ask. Would these disappear if only we started respecting our fellow females ? I would like to believe yes, once you start respecting another womans choices and every time you see a woman in a position of power, not allowing yourself to be spiteful and saying “oh she must have slept her way up there”, men will start respecting us more. Respect your female boss as much as you would respect your male boss, give her the same chances, and by god please do not sabotage your fellow female workers, because there is strength in numbers, and in sisterhood lies our biggest strength.

The issue of female infanticide requires courage, but also respect. If we could teach these women that there is nothing wrong with their daughter in laws or daughters giving birth to a daughter, that they could improve their daughters lives if only they were to respect their own sex and make sure that the men cannot even dare raise their hands when all these women are united. The same goes for rape.

Realize your strength my fellow women, and respect your fellow females and push this world one step closer towards equality.


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